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photoThanks for your support. I really appreciate your prompt support.

Shabbir Hossain

photoI  have been with XeonBD for two years, and I can't express my satisfaction with and gratitude for XeonBD and his crew enough. I maintain 20+ websites of my own, design a number more for clients, and I always recommend XeonBD. They are flexible, courteous, constantly improving their services, and have worked with me to meet my own special needs and those of my clients -- even going so far as to set up an "email only" account before they had been planning the release. I have been extraordinarily pleased with their services and plan on being with them until they kick me off their servers :-)

Abdul Awal
Pran RFL Group

photoThis is just a note of appreciation to thank you for all that you do for me, your customers! I have noticed that your prices have dropped, but the specifications for our webhosting package have increased! There are many things about your company that we liked right from the beginning, more than we can do justice to in this brief email. Initially, I chose Xeon Software Limited from among the many webhosting companies that we looked at for several reasons - dedication to customer service, flexibility, good technology, reasonable pricing. In short, Xeon Software Limited seemed to be the kind of company that it is good to do business with, and I have not been disappointed. Your commitment to your customers obviously underlies everything that you do. Information that you have provided for us on your website, such as that found on your Web page, has been extremely helpful. (I do indeed fall into the category of those just starting out!) On those occasions in which I had to fill out a support ticket, your staff has always kindly guided us through whatever issue had arisen. I have a deep-rooted, personal conviction that any business which remains truly committed to serving its customers will prosper. Therefore, I also look forward to having a long-lasting business relationship with you.

Mostaqur Rahman Shandhan
XeonKathi, xeonkathi.com


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