Cloud Based File Storage Service

XeonBD’s File Storage Cloud Hosting is based on the NextCloud which is an open source, self-hosted file share and communication platform for private and companies with highest data security and best performance. Take advantage of XeonBD’s File Storage Cloud Hosting storage now and free yourself from USB sticks, external hard drives. Decide what happens to you data XeonBD cloud relies on maximum data security.

Our NextCloud Plans

Your data stays in Bangladesh in XeonBD’s owned data center in Bangladesh. Take a look at all the features.

Cloud Starter

15 GB Cloud Storage
Unlimited Traffic/month
Upto 5 Users
Mobile/PC/Mac App
24x7 Online Support


Cloud Standard

30 GB Cloud Storage
Unlimited Traffic/month
Upto 10 Users
Mobile/PC/Mac App
24x7 Online Support


Cloud Pro

60 GB Cloud Storage
Unlimited Traffic/month
Upto 15 Users
Mobile/PC/Mac App
24x7 Online Support


Cloud Expert

150 GB Cloud Storage
Unlimited Traffic/month
Upto 25 Users
Mobile/PC/Mac App
24x7 Online Support


Cloud features

We provide the following features with cloud services.


Manage your contacts easily and centrally in your XeonBD cloud. This is an address book overdue. With XeonBD Cloud Storage, you can easily create and manage unlimited contacts.


Manage appointments and tasks in your project easily or share them with your co-workers & friends. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses and appointments on all devices, always at hand and in sync.


The data consumption (traffic) of your cloud is always inclusive and unlimited, we set no limits. All our servers are connected to the network at 1 Gbit/s, so that you can transfer your data quickly to your XeonBD cloud.


The connection to your XeonBD cloud is encrypted with SSL, so nobody can read all data from your device to the XeonBD cloud. YOur data is subject to maximum privacy, so we only host in Germany.


Share your files, pictures, music, calendars or contacts with friends and family. You can make your content public or password protected.


With us you can always have a personal contact, whether by mail or via ticket. Our friendly team is available at any time and around the clock.

External storage

The external storage functionality of Nextcloud gives you access to your data wherever it is. Nextcloud can give access to files stored on many well-known cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Dropbox. But you can also do that standard protocols such as NFS, (S) FTP or WebDAV.

Extra functionality with nextcloud apps

Nextcloud is a platform that can be extended by means of extra apps that can be switched on and off separately. The Nextcloud store contains many apps such as audio player, a password manager, a GPX editor and much more.

Nextcloud workflows

For example, workflows can be used to ensure that certain files are converted to a different format or that large files are given a specific label. You can fully set these rules yourself.

Frequently asked questions

With Nextcloud you can store, view, monitor and synchronize your files online with your devices. You can share files or folders on the server with, for example, friends, family or colleagues.

There is a client for both Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can also install an App on your Android or iOS phone. You can also use Nextcloud via your browser.