Changing an account’s password in WHM

Sometimes a user can be unable to access their cPanel account when they are forgetting the password. This article will guide you to change the password of cPanel account. Step # 1: Log into WHM [...]

How To delete a cPanel account in WHM

This article will guide you to delete a cPanel account using WHM. To terminate a cPanel account, you need to follow these steps : Step # 1: Log into WHM account. Here you find out the search bar [...]

Editing a cPanel Account in WHM

This article will help you on how to edit a cPanel account WHM. A user can easily change the disk quota, Email Addresses, or similar items for a domain created from WHM . Step # 1: Type List [...]

Managing Account Bandwidth in WHM

Bandwidth measures the amount of information that your server transfers and receives.In this article, you can adjust account bandwidth limits in WHM. To modify a cPanel account you need to follow [...]

Manage account suspensions in WHM

This article will learn you the process of suspending a cPanel account in WHM. You may want to temporarily or permanently suspend an account for non-payment, bandwidth overages, ToS violations, [...]

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