What You Need to Know About Your Domain

What You Need to Know About Your Domain name Many customers tell us how overwhelming setting up their first website feels. Between DNS, e-mail, document roots, software versions, and all the [...]

What does the different extensions mean

The most common question is “What do the different extensions mean?” The newest web extensions are explained below. . . select a particular domain extension that you would like to [...]

IMAP vs POP3 E-Mail

If you contact support regarding an e-mail problem one of the questions we will ask you is how you are accessing your e-mail. If you are using a client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, [...]

Payment Method Updated

Important: Please note that the Bank Account details on our website have now been updated with our Dutch-Bangla Bank Account Details. Now you can deposit the fees/funds for XeonBD/Xeon Software [...]

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