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Colocation Service in Bangladesh

Let XeonBD’s powerful & pecure backbone support your mission critical data. With fully wholly owned,
proprietary physical data centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh built on our highly redundant network composed of
premium bandwidth providers, XeonBD can guarantee the uptime, high availability, compliance and
protection that your server(s) need. Our highly secure data center have been built with redundancy
on all networks, hardware, cooling units, batteries, power systems and allow for offsite backup
services. You can benefit from levels of access, security, integrity, privacy and confidentiality
that allow the utmost peace of mind and further empower any hosting endeavor.
Best Colocation Service in Asia

Colocation Hosting BD

Plan 1

BDT10,000 /month
  • Traffic/month: Unlimited
  • Max server: 1/1U
  • Public IP: 2
  • Network Backbone: 1 Gbps
  • Duplex Bandwidth: 5 Mbps

Plan 2

BDT23,000 /month
  • Traffic/month: Unlimited
  • Max server: 2/2U
  • Public IP: 5
  • Network Backbone: 1 Gbps
  • Duplex Bandwidth: 10 Mbps

Plan 3

BDT30,000 /month
  • Traffic/month: Unlimited
  • Max server: 3/3U
  • Public IP: 10
  • Network Backbone: 1 Gbps
  • Duplex Bandwidth: 15 Mbps

Host your own server at XeonBD's Data Center in Bangladesh

Our Technology and Facility for Your Growth

XeonBD data center colocation hosting service offers you the space, power, cooling and other related facilities to install and operate IT & Telecom equipment on an outsource/OpEx model and this service allows IT Department to focus on their job by not invest and have to manage on the infrastructure.

Capital for the survival of any business to have a reliable IT infrastructure

Having a presence in Information Technology is not only a must anymore, it's a necessity. It is now capital for the survival of any business to have a reliable IT infrastructure.

The colocation hosting of servers in our datacenter offers your company the redundancy and resiliency of an enterprise-grade datacenter facility without the large investment required for cooling, power, cabling and security that typically are associated with datacenter build outs. Leverage our existing infrastructure to maximize uptime and availability of your servers, whether you need space for one server, one rack or an entire cage of racks.



  • Electronic access limited to technical staff
  • Manned security on premise
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Motion detecting sensors
  • Lockable racks in communal areas with multi-layered security.
  • N+1 redundant power, 2N options available.
  • Redundant A+B dual power feeds at individual racks.
  • A range of power density options, up to 8kW per rack.
  • N+1 redundant cooling.
  • Range of connectivity options from Optical Services to Ethernet VPN, IP Transit or Fibre channel.
  • 24x7 Technical Services available on a time-used basis to support your equipment.

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