When you turn to a hosted applications solution it’s as though you suddenly have an entire staff of experts working for you – serving as an extension of your IT department and allowing your in-house team to focus on the other critical IT assignments.


Your Own Team of Experts

When you turn to a hosted applications solution it’s as though you suddenly have an entire staff of experts working for you—serving as an extension of your IT department and allowing your in-house team to focus on the other critical IT assignments.

XeonBD use to hire only the best of the best, and we do everything we can to create a great place for them to work. At XeonBD, we know highly engaged & excited employees are the best way to deliver high customer satisfaction.

Team XeonBD

Cutting-Edge Technology

Since hosted apps providers focus on their specific area of expertise, they can stay on top of the latest advances in their industry. They also have the resources to implement and maintain a variety of technologies to deliver the best in hosted applications.

For more than 12 years our support team has been focused on making XeonBD’s hosting service great for our customers. We work with some of the world’s leading commercial and open source developers to help us build the most valuable technology into our hosted apps.

Reliable Access

Hosted application providers are committed to providing a reliable uptime. They know that if servers go down, your productivity is down. That is why we offer you exceptional customer service, branded XeoneRs Epic Support®.

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. This is why we won’t force you into long-term contracts. If we fail you, we’ll help you take your business elsewhere.

Seamless Scalability

When your company grows, your infrastructure must also grow. Hosting providers have extensive hardware and software resources and they can scale easily. Cloud hosting, in particular, is especially designed for scalability—since you use only the infrastructure resources you need.

We are always ready for your growth. Thanks to the elastic nature of cloud computing, we can automatically add hardware and adjust settings from the cloud so that you don’t miss a beat—and you only pay for what you need, and nothing you don’t. Whether you need to add 1 mailbox or 1,000 mailboxes it will be quick and easy.

Automatic Backups & Easy Data Recovery

Hosted application providers know that you have entrusted them with your valuable data—so they have the systems and resources to implement backup and data replication.

We have robust backup systems available that can be used to restore lost data in more serious situations.

Security During Storage & Transmission

Hosting companies integrate extensive security measures to help protect your data from physical threats—such as theft, overheating, power outages, and fire.

Our hosted application solution copies data on a pair of servers. If one server stops responding the other server is able to take over and respond to all requests.

Automatic Software Upgrades

When you choose hosted apps, you don’t need to worry about downloading and installing server software upgrades or security patches.

We select, test, and apply the patches on the servers that host your data. And we work with leaders in the hosting security industry to provide updates for data and virus filtering.

Data Access Anywhere

With hosted applications, you benefit from having a wide range of data access options. This flexibility helps your employees to be more productive, compared to employees who are limited to using only a specific computer or specific software.

Location is no longer an issue. You can access and manage data from any Internet-connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone using many favorite email programs and web browsers. XeonBD has long been providing Internet application hosting and has the data centers and experience necessary to keep your users connected.

No Setup or Maintenance

When you turn to a hosted apps solution, you immediately have a fully equipped, top-of-the-line system that will be continually updated and maintained. This saves you thousands of dollars or BDT in server hardware, software, upgrades, and the expertise to run it all.

You can take system deployment and maintenance expenses out of the budget. You will benefit from some of the latest in hardware and software technology, managed by experienced engineers, with none of the surprise fees that come with running your own equipment and dealing with failures. XeonBD has no hidden setup fees to turn on features—you simply pay for the services you use.

Better Teamwork

With workers being more dispersed than ever, gone are the days where you can get by with passing a paper around the office to get input. Data, shared file storage, and document management tools that allow multiple people to work from the same file are part of a growing number of options to make teamwork easier and more effective.

Our suite of products allows real time collaboration between team members. Check emails from a smart phone during a meeting, sync.

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