Our Managed WordPress hosting solutions provide the best performance, security, and reliability for WordPress sites while being backed by friendly 24/7 support and features that make getting started and scaling WordPress easy.


WordPress is the easiest place to get started a simple blog, or develop an entire website on one of the most versatile platforms. WordPress allows you to build any kind of site you want: business site, blog, portfolio, ecommerce shop/website the sky is the limit!

WP SSD Hosting Plan 1

BDT1,299 Monthly
  • - Free Domains Reg. : 1 *
  • - Add-On Domain : Unlimited
  • - SSD Storage : 30 GB
  • - Remote Backup : 30 GB
  • - Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • - CPU : 1
  • - RAM : 2 GB
  • - cPanel : Yes
  • - Dedicated IP : 1 *
  • - Security : SiteLock Basic
  • - SSL : COMODO Positive SSL *
  • - Guarantee : 30-Day Money-Back
  • - Support : 24x7 Online Help Desk
  • * Only free with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually purchase.

WP SSD Hosting Plan 2

BDT1,799 Monthly
  • - Free Domains Reg. : 1 *
  • - Add-On Domain : Unlimited
  • - SSD Storage : 60 GB
  • - Remote Backup : 60 GB
  • - Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • - CPU : 2
  • - RAM : 4 GB
  • - cPanel : Yes
  • - Dedicated IP : 1 *
  • - Security : SiteLock
  • - SSL : COMODO Positive SSL *
  • - Guarantee : 30-Day Money-Back
  • - Support : 24x7 Online Help Desk
  • * Only free with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually purchase.

WP SSD Hosting Plan 4

BDT2,799 Monthly
  • - Included Domains : 1
  • - SSD Storage : 240 GB
  • - Remote Backup : 240 GB
  • - Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • - CPU : 4
  • - RAM : 8 GB
  • - cPanel : Yes
  • - Dedicated IP : 1
  • - CDN : SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro
  • - Security : SiteLock Enterprise
  • - SSL : COMODO Positive SSL
  • - Guarantee : 30-Day Money-Back
  • - Support : 24x7 Online Help Desk
  • - Uptime Guarantee : 99.99%
  • - Data Center - USA/EU

*Only free with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually purchase.



High-Performance WordPress hosting depends on many different variables. Being conscious of your needs along with the right knowledge will help you make an informed choice as to which hosting provider and solution are the best fit.

Built-in Comment

WordPress’s comment tools give you everything you need to be a forum for discussion and to moderate that discussion.

User Friendly

We’ve had a strong focus on loading your account with the best versions of the most popular development software.

Publishing Tools

WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your content. Create drafts, schedule publication, and look at your post revisions.


WordPress is optimized for search engines right out of the box. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of SEO plugins to take care of that for you.


WordPress is licensed under the GPL which was created to protect your freedoms. You are free to use WordPress in any way you choose: install it, use it, modify it, distribute it. Software freedom is the foundation that WordPress is built on.


Every piece of WordPress generated code is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C. This means that your website will work in today’s browser, while maintaining forward compatibility with the next generation of browser.



    Launch your website with a click On all plans.


    Always have the latest WP version On all plans.


    TrueSpeed™ static & dynamic content caching accelerated content!

  • WAF

    Identifies backdoor files and blocks access to them immediately.


Malware scan & removal

Hackers can inject malicious code—malware–into your site to steal info or deface your site. With SiteLockfessional Malware scan (included with Ultimate plan), malware’s found and destroyed before it harms you or your customers.

Keep on walking, bots

We give bots das boot when they blast your site with phony requests. Keeping bots away lets the legitimate traffic get in.

Spammers, beware!

Nothing mucks up the gears like comment spammers. We stop them before they ever reach your site so your comments stay clean.

Automatic updates

Having the latest version of WordPress’s core software keeps your site happy and safe, so we automatically patch and update as soon as they’re available.

Pre-screened plugins

We screen thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins. Why? So you never have to worry whether you’re installing a well-behaved plugin or one that eats the last slice of pizza and leaves the box.

Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress pre-installed
  • WordPress WAF Protection
  • TrueSpeed™ CDN
  • Assisted migration service
  • PHP 4 to 7.1
  • sFTP, SSH and Git
  • Optimized MySQL


What is WordPress?

WordPress® is a blog- and web-publishing platform that’s not only easy to use, but recognized the world over as a standard in website creation. With its focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability, WordPress is an open-source platform that lets you manage everything from a small personal blog to a large commercial site with hundreds of pages. Hundreds of thousands of sites trust their online presence to WordPress – and with Managed WordPress Hosting from XeonBD, you can too.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Built on our state-of-the-art web hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting from XeonBD is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments.

More than just a simple install, WordPress is seamlessly integrated to your hosting so the moment you log in, you’re able to build, edit and manage your site. We’ve also modified our servers specifically for WordPress, giving you a level of speed and security you can’t get from a standard web hosting plan.

And of course, our award-winning support is available 24×7 to help with any questions you may have. In short, there’s no easier way to build and manage a fast, secure, reliable WordPress website or blog.

How does your version of WordPress differ from other installations?

It doesn’t. We start you out with the latest version of WordPress, the same one you’d download from And anytime there’s an update, we install it for you automatically. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress.

Do I need to set up my database?

No. With Managed WordPress Hosting, we take care of everything so the process is as easy as possible for you. Once you’ve purchased your plan, you can immediately create your website or start blogging.

If I have a WordPress site hosted somewhere else, can I move it to XeonBD?

Yes. You can migrate your site over to XeonBD Managed WordPress in just one click. Either move it to your domain name or put it on a temporary domain, then just do a quick review and you’re ready to publish.

After I purchase Managed WordPress Hosting, how do I get started?

Not sure how to create a blog or get started building your site using WordPress? Don’t worry!

Your hosting plan is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, so all you need to do is log in and you can start building a site directly from your control panel. Not sure how to log in? Check “How can I access my WordPress installation?” below.

And if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our epic support team. Our in-house WordPress experts can guide you through creating, updating or even promoting your website or blog.

How can I access my WordPress installation?

There are several ways to log in to your WordPress website or blog.

Go to, log in to “My account” and choose your WordPress Hosting from your list of “My Services”.

How I’ll get the Free .COM Domain Registration/transfer or Free Dedicated IP/Real IP or Free COMODO Positive SSL?

Free .COM Domain Registration/transfer or Free Dedicated IP/Real IP or Free COMODO Positive SSL includes only with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually purchase only. And it applies to the primary/main domain of the cPanel only. But if anyone doesn’t want to avail any of these free features they can contact XeonBD support once signing up for the hosting plan for disabling these free features.

Who does the Free .COM domain belong to?

The free .com domain belongs to you. The contact information, DNS server information, and domain lock information can be updated through your billing control panel. You may choose to transfer the domain away. However, newly registered domains cannot be transferred to another registrar during the first 60 days of their registration period.

What happens to the free .COM domain if I cancel my web hosting plan during the first year?

The free .COM domain still belongs to you, but you will be charged our regular rate for the registration if you decide to transfer the domain away.

How much I’ll have to pay for the Free .COM domain if I renew my web hosting?

As long as you are in Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually terms, your .COM domain renewal is free! But if you will downgrade your billing to any other terms, you will have to renew the Free .COM the domain at our regular .COM domain renewal rate.

How do you know when to renew the free .COM domain for me?

The free .COM domain will be renewed automatically according to the renewal of your hositng plan.

Does the Free .COM domain offer work with domain transfers?

Yes! We will transfer your domain name to us for free, and it’ll be renewed according to your subscribed billing terms.

Can I use the Free .COM registered domain with any other hosting plan or offer?

The free .COM domain cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

I don’t want to go with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually terms billing terms but I want to have Dedicated/Real IP with my hosting account. How much I need to pay for it?

Dedicated/Real IP cost 375 BDT/month.

I don’t want to go with Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually terms billing terms but I want to have Dedicated/Real IP with my hosting account. How much I need to pay for it?

Dedicated/Real IP cost 375 BDT/month.

Where is these managed hosting plans are hosted?

All our Managed Hosting Plan is hosted in our USA data center.

Can I get the Free SiteLock security service for my Add-On Domain?

SiteLock is a website security monitoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses. The provided Free SiteLock security service is not provided for any Add-On Domain. It is only applicable for you main domain service. So don’t be confused, secure your platform (main domain) with SiteLock today! Which available with all of our managed hosting plan. But you can purchase additional SiteLock serivce for your add-on domains, which details can be found by clicking here.

Can I also get the Comodo Positive SSL in all of my addon domain?

No, the Comodo Positive SSL will be provisioned to the main domain of the cPanel and all other add-on domain will get our basic free SSL.

What is a Free Basic SSL?

Free SSL Certificates that includes with our every cPanel hosting plan is an SSL Certificate which is essential for encrypted communication between client web browsers and your Website. SSL ensures the security of sensitive customer information when transmitted over the Internet. Free SSL Certificates only provide validation for ownership of a domain. Due to the nature of validation, only one domain can be secured by a Free SSL.

If SiteLock detects any issue how I’ll get the notifications?

From our system, you’ll get a notification email as an issue is detected by SiteLock.

Do I have any Concurrent Connections, Number of processes, Inode Limits, IO within the managed WordPress hosting plan?

No there’s no limitation on Concurrent Connections, Number of processes, Inode Limits, IO on our managed WordPress hosting plan.

Can I use SSL with Trueshield Firewall and Truespeed CDN?

No, for using SiteLock’s Trueshield Firewall and Truespeed CDN you’ll have to disable your SSL to activate Trueshield Firewall and Truespeed CDN.

If I disable SiteLock’s Trueshield Firewall and Truespeed CDN for using my SSL, can I still show the SiteLock verified seal on my website?

Yes, you can.

If you’ve any query, please contact our Sales department.

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