XeonBD enables newly introduced Resource Monitor system. It can monitor customers massive IT based infrastructures and deliver service assurance for a possible productivity in the same platform. So, you can use the resource more efficiently.

resource monitor

Resource Monitor Overview 

Resource Monitor helps you quickly identify the cPanel users on your server that is using the highest amount of server resources. It filters high resource cPanel users based on CPU usage, memory usage, MySQL usage and disk usage and is displayed right inside the WebHostManager.


  • Email Notifications
    Receive daily email notifications of cPanel users using the highest amount of server resources.
  • Set Threshold Limits
    You are able to the set the specific threshold limit for CPU, memory, and MySQL usage so that you are only notified of clients that reach these specific threshold limits you set.
  • cPanel Log Viewer
    You can allow your users to see their specific resource logs within their cPanel control panel.


CPU Usage
Memory Usage
MySQL Usage
Disk Usage


Ioncube & CURL for cPanel’s internal PHP (Install through WHM and EasyApache!)
cPanel/WHM: 11.34+
PHP: 5.3+


All of the most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE9+


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