cPanel & WHM® License

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cPanel & WHM® License

cPanel® Plan NamePlatformAccount LimitTotal (BDT)/ Monthly
cPanel® Admin FixedCloud OnlyUp to 51984.32
cPanel® Pro FixedCloud OnlyUp to 302784.72
cPanel® Plus Cloud FixedCloud OnlyUp to 503968.65
Premier Fixed 100Cloud & MetalUp to 1005271.97
Premier Fixed 150Cloud & MetalUp to 1506095.71
Premier Fixed 200Cloud & MetalUp to 2006919.46
Premier Fixed 250Cloud & MetalUp to 2507743.2
Premier Fixed 300Cloud & MetalUp to 3008566.95
Premier Fixed 350Cloud & MetalUp to 3509390.69
Premier Fixed 400Cloud & MetalUp to 40010214.44
Premier Fixed 450Cloud & MetalUp to 45011038.18
Premier Fixed 500Cloud & MetalUp to 50011861.93
Premier Fixed 550Cloud & MetalUp to 55012685.67
Premier Fixed 600Cloud & MetalUp to 60013509.42
Premier Fixed 650Cloud & MetalUp to 65014333.16
Premier Fixed 700Cloud & MetalUp to 70015156.91
Premier Fixed 750Cloud & MetalUp to 75015980.65
Premier Fixed 800Cloud & MetalUp to 80016804.4
Premier Fixed 850Cloud & MetalUp to 85017628.14
Premier Fixed 900Cloud & MetalUp to 90018451.89
Premier Fixed 950Cloud & MetalUp to 95019275.63
Premier Fixed 1000Cloud & MetalUp to 100020099.38

Frequently asked questions

cPanel® is updating their license types to “Metal” and “Cloud”. “Metal”, formerly known as “Dedicated”, specifies a server environment that is not using any virtualization software. A “Cloud” server, also known as “VPS”, is a virtualized environment such as Xen, KVM, or OpenVZ. A Cloud server can use any license tier, as long as the tier allows for the number of users on the license. A Dedicated server requires the “Premier” license tier, regardless of the number of cPanel® accounts on the server. There is no price difference between Metal and Cloud on the Premier tier.

Once a cPanel® license meets the allotted maximum number of users, it must be upgraded to the next tier in order to add more cPanel® accounts. If additional accounts are restored to a server, exceeding the limit, cPanel® and WHM will not be accessible until the license is on the correct tier for the number of users. cPanel® License Upgrades and Downgrades will be available from the client area.

Yes, All active and Suspended cPanel® accounts will count towards the total number of accounts on a cPanel® license.

cPanel® has switched to exclusively monthly billing for all cPanel® licenses. We will only offer monthly billing cycles for cPanel® licenses.

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We are not aware of, or anticipating, any further price changes at this time. We will notify all users of any changes to the cPanel® pricing provided here.

Several resources exist to help you better understand the usage of your cPanel® Accounts across your cPanel® servers. The following links provide tools and information that may be useful during any reviews of your servers:

  • How can I find cPanel® accounts on my server that are not integrated with WHMCS?

  • How To Identify Abandoned cPanel® Accounts

  • How To Manually Combine Two cPanel® Accounts Into One

  • Convert a cPanel Account to an Add-on Domain