Malwarebytes cybersecurity for home and business

Malwarebytes is smarter, faster, and lighter than ever before. Malwarebytes detection engine finds more threats, in less time, with less performance impact. It also tells you more about threats it finds, like their type and behavior, so you can make smarter security decisions. Go beyond antivirus and stop worrying about online threats.

Secures your PC, files, and privacy 24/7. Real-Time Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep you safe from online threats, even emerging threats that no one has ever seen before.

The most effective protection strategy starts with proactive prevention, but the best prevention approach won’t be found with a silver bullet. In fact, security experts advise against relying solely on a single technology or technique to protect business endpoints.

Effective prevention requires a layered approach capable of addressing not only today’s threats, but preventing tomorrow’s as well.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an advanced threat prevention solution for endpoints that uses a layered approach with multiple detection techniques. This provides businesses with full attack chain protection against both known and unknown malware, ransomware, and zero-hour threats. Unified onto a single agent, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection reduces the complexity and costs often associated with deploying multiple individual solutions.

The industry’s best-informed telemetry drives the efficacy of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection detection techniques. Malwarebytes is the gold standard for providing complete and thorough remediation of threats when existing security solutions fail, evidenced by 500,000 consumers and businesses downloading Malwarebytes technology daily. Malwarebytes finds and remediates 3 million infections every day. This unique telemetry provides insight into the threats and techniques that are succeeding in the wild and offers a better understanding of what makes these attacks effective and how to best counter them.

Our various affordable Packages!


  • Malwarebytes Incident Response For PC/Mac
    BDT190 Monthly
    • Incident Response engine
    • Linking Engine Remediation
    • Multiple scan modes
  • Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection For PC/Mac
    BDT350 Monthly
    • Lightweight Agent
    • Accurate Verdicts
    • Simplify Management
  • Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response For PC/Mac
    BDT450 Monthly
    • Attack Isolation
    • Automated Remediation
    • Ransomware Rollback

For Servers

  • Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection For Servers
    BDT 1400 Monthly
    • Easily protect Windows servers
    • Stop ransomware and infections
    • Automated machine learning
    • Eradicate malware with one click
    • Managed with our intuitive dashboard

Prices are without VAT and TAX. All can be used in personal computer and server.

But Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response will be by default offered as addon with our Self Managed Servers.


Automate threat response

Pre-deploy Malwarebytes Incident Response on your endpoints so you have advanced threat detection and remediation ready at the click of a button. Automating threat response helps businesses accelerate their incident response workflows while reducing malware dwell times.

Thorough remediation

Most attempts to remove malware focus primarily on the active executable, but leave numerous components littered throughout the system, making the system highly vulnerable to re-infection. Our proprietary Linking Engine Remediation removes the infection, including all related artifacts, returning the endpoint to a truly healthy state.

Flexible deployment and integration

Malwarebytes Incident Response includes persistent and non-persistent agent options, providing flexible deployment options for varying IT environments. Easily integrates into your existing security infrastructure while meeting your endpoint operating system requirements (Windows and Mac OS X).

Incident Response engine
Incident Response engine
Fast, extremely effective threat scanning with on-demand, scheduled, and automated scan capabilities.
Linking Engine Remediation
Linking Engine Remediation
Signature-less technology that identifies and thoroughly removes all threat artifacts linked with the primary threat payload.
Multiple scan modes
Multiple scan modes
Hyper, Threat, and Custom scan modes offer configurable, silent scans that won't interrupt end-users.
Breach Remediation
Breach Remediation
Non-persistent (agentless), lightweight tool that can be deployed and integrated with existing third-party tools, including endpoint management platforms and SIEMs. Hunts for malware and threats across networked endpoints with Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) using OpenIOC threat sharing framework.
Forensic Timeliner
Forensic Timeliner
Gathers event and log details quickly from more than 20 Windows log repositories and displays them in a chronological timeline view, enabling security teams to uncover what/when/how an endpoint was compromised, and where else the attack may have spread.
Malwarebytes Nebula platform
Malwarebytes Nebula platform
Delivers Malwarebytes Incident Response via a single, unified endpoint agent. Deployment and management is simplified while enabling effortless scalability. Console provides centralized policy management and consolidated threat visibility across all geographically distributed endpoints.


Endpoint protection software is designed to block malware before it infects the endpoint and to remove malware that successfully evades defenses. Sounds straightforward but most products and tools on the market aren’t up to the task.

Comprehensive protection built for speed.

Comprehensive protection built for speed Don’t choose between protection and performance. Quickly deploy endpoint protection that doesn’t impact end user productivity.

Precision detection at the point of attack

Attackers continuously innovate. Choose advanced endpoint protection that innovates detection as attackers’ threats evolve.

Scales to combat growing threats

Security resources are scarce. Simple to use endpoint protection from a single pane of glass scales to provide real time protection and on demand remediation.


endpoint detection and response (edr) software helps software security teams stop, investigate, and respond to slippery threats that bypass other defenses.

The human element is critical for cybersecurity. Your EDR software needs to automate analyzing massive amounts of data to identify suspicious activity, plus guide security professionals through the threat hunting process to make decisions fast.

Keep devices working with Operational EDR

You need to get compromised endpoints back online quickly. Our product enables you to isolate, investigate, and remediate, including ransomware rollback, in just a few clicks. Plus, our insightful threat hunting capabilities empower you to investigate and either whitelist approved software or drill down into suspicious behavior.

Extend your threat protection

Today, some threats get past even the best protection. Extend your security with integrated endpoint detection and analysis. It not only eliminates known and unknown threats but also monitors suspicious activity to highlight threats. These capabilities enable the in-depth analysis required to combat today’s sophisticated malware.

Deploy fast, manage efficiently.

Bolt-on security doesn’t work. Trust the only cloud-native endpoint security platform built from the ground up to secure endpoints—from threat detection to data recovery. It’s a fast deployment, single-agent approach that automates baseline tasks so you can focus on strategic work.

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