Published On: 2017-12-25

XeonBD’s Bangladesh data center hosted shared SSD hosting, shared SSD Unlimited hosting, Shared SSD Reseller, VPS hosting, On-Demand Cloud Server hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Email Server hosting and File Storage Cloud hosting plans enables XeonBD’s user to take advantage BDIX bandwidth with a minimum 100Mbps to maximum 10Gbps speed!
For XeonBD’s BDIX enabled hosting service details visit the following links:

  1. SSD Shared (cPanel)
  2. SSD Shared Unlimited (cPanel)
  3. SSD Reseller (cPanel)
  4. VPS Server Hosting
  5. On-Demand Cloud Server Hosting
  6. Dedicated Server Hosting
  7. File Storage Cloud Hosting


About XeonBD’s Tier-III Data Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh

XeonBD established its own data center in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year of 2013 and is now one of the leading providers of premium web hosting products and data center infrastructure service in Bangladesh. XeonBD’s data center growth has been fueled by providing unbeatable managed services to businesses of all sizes, in all areas of the world.
Our data center designed to Tier-III Data Center Specification (Concurrently Maintainable), network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding with highest quality network performance. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity. XeonBD’s Bangladesh data center is having peering/routing using multiple ISPs with both the IX approved by Bangladesh Government, SMW4, SMW5, 2 IIG, and 1 ITC. Not only this XeonBD’s data center network has grown up to Singapore and UK thus we have enormous control over the inbound and outbound connection from outside and inside Bangladesh to XeonBD’s Bangladesh datacenter.
XeonBD’s Datacenter access is strictly limited to technical staff. Electronic security systems control data center access and are accompanied by a full complement of motion detecting security cameras which monitor the entire facility. We have a fully managed system, which means we have eyes from our level 3 technicians 24 hours per day remotely and allowing incident response times to be kept to a minimum.

Some of the notable facts about XeonBD’s service:

  1. XeonBD is providing web and online security solutions to Bangladesh’s most of the major financial/banking organizations and the corporates since XeonBD starts its journey.
  2. XeonBD is a web hosting service provider in the industry since last 13+years and team XeonBD are the experts in providing managed solutions for the server and server security. XeonBD is not an ISP who are offering web hosting services to the client.
  3. XeonBD is the one and the only web hosting company in Bangladesh having it’s owned Tier III data center in Bangladesh since 2013.
  4. XeonBD is maintaining 3 data center facility in different geographical location (Bangladesh, United States, and Europe).
  5. XeonBD is the only web hosting company in Bangladesh who is CloudFlare Inc. Optimized partner in Bangladesh.
  6. XeonBD is the only web hosting company in Bangladesh who is the official channel partner of SpamExperts BV.
  7. We have established our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Support team providing support for the services offered by XeonBD.

For more details and other opportunities about BDIX related services from our Bangladesh data center feel free to inbox us or call us at +8801978-936623 or +8801977-936623 or write to us at

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