Published Date: August 30, 2019

As part of distinguishing its partners who are able to provide quality support to their customers, cPanel announced in June that it is launching the cPanel Certified Partner Program.

We are pleased to announce that we XeonBD who was a partner of cPanel Inc here in Bangladesh, is now also the first company in Bangladesh who become a cPanel Certified NOC Partner as well!

The distinction of being a cPanel Certified NOC Partner means that there is a required number of people who have excellent knowledge of cPanel, providing an immediate solution to most of the problems reported by users. Each administrator has received a series of certifications that are provided to examiners who score over 90% on the certification exam. These certifications last for one year, after which the examiners re-take the tests to prove that they have the necessary knowledge in an ever-renewing ecosystem.

cPanel CertifiedThe certificates are:

cPanel & WHM Sales Professional (CPSP)
cPanel Professional Certification (CPP)
cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA)

Apart from the fact that by receiving this badge we are certified that we have the knowledge necessary for an immediate and effective solution to user problems, any requests we make to cPanel have Ultra Priority status, the highest priority level available, so there is an immediate response to the resolution of the issues we are escalating.

This support is provided by us on all shared hosting packages and on managed VPS, cloud and dedicated servers. You can now dedicate your time to your family and work and leave server maintenance to us, certified that we will do the job right 🙂

Not only this XeonBD is also now hosting the cPanel’s PartnerNOC official FastUpdate Cache mirror server in Bangladesh at

As a cPanel partner in Bangladesh, you can also buy cPanel’s license from XeonBD with a total piece of mind. To purchase your cPanel licenses, visit

Note: XeonBD is also official partner of CloudLinux Inc, Microsoft CSP, Microsoft SPLA, CloudFlare Inc, SpamExperts, LiteSpeed Technologies Inc, Symantec and many more.

—- cPanel —

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts. It lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place. Currently, cPanel is the industry standard and most web developers are well acquainted with it.

Intuitive and easy to use, cPanel empowers you to manage a web hosting account with maximum efficiency. Whether that’s creating new FTP users and email addresses or monitoring resources, creating subdomains and installing software.

cPanel hosting is essentially Linux web hosting which includes the installation of cPanel, it works amazingly to makes for a sensible choice when you’re looking for a control panel solution.



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