Published Date: October 26, 2017

Imunify360  Captcha is the security solution for Linux web servers based on machine learning technology. Imunify360’s firewall, solid integrated with the WAF which can stop the majority of web application attacks. Imunify360 always want to make sure that valid visitors can always reach your website. Imunify360 Captcha uses an advanced Google reCaptcha system as it dramatically reduces false positives and improves usability for ‘blocked’ visitors while making it harder for bots to bypass. The CAPTCHA is a feature intended to distinguish human from machine input and protect websites from the spam and different types of automated abuse.

If a visitor breaks Imunify360 security rules and tries to enter the wrong password, for example, then Imunify360 automatically blocks the access to your server from their IP address and adding it to the Gray List. It will then redirect the visitor to the Captcha.

Imunify360 Captcha

Note. The IP address on the screenshot above is given as an example.

There are two layers in CAPTCHA behavior:

  1. If a user of a website is added to the Grey List (the access is blocked), then the CAPTCHA allows him to unblock himself. When he tries to get to the website he is redirected to the Captcha Server by ipset, where he can see the protection page asking to confirm that he is not a robot by ticking a checkbox. If the information requested is entered correctly and, a user is redirected to the website, which means that the access is unblocked and the IP address of this user is removed from the Grey List.
  2. The CAPTCHA is always on guard of the websites and checks the activity of each IP. Usually, reCAPTCHA helps to blocks bots and protects websites from spam and abuse. The reCaptcha supports localization and depending on user’s browser settings.



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