Published Date: January 7, 2010

Important: Please note that the Bank Account details on our website have now been updated with our Dutch-Bangla Bank Account Details.

Now you can deposit the fees/funds for XeonBD/Xeon Software Limited’s service to any of the following bank account:

(1) Our Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Account Details:

Account Name: Xeon Software Limited
Account Number: 148-110-4956
Bank Name: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Swift Code: DBBL BDDH

(2) Our Brac Bank Account Limited Account Details:

Account Name: XeonBD
Account Number: 1514-2009-7487-1001
Bank Name: Brac Bank Limited
Swift Code: BRAK BD DH

(3) Our Standard Chartered Bank Limited Account Details:

Account Name: XeonBD
Account Number: 01-962-7480-01
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Limited
Swift Code: SCBL BD DX

Note: For your convenience, we still accept payments from various payment methods so feel free to pay via any of our payment methods. Also those who are using our “Direct Bank-in To our Banking account” method please don’t forget to write your domain name/service id/customer id on the bank-in slip, then scan it and email to :: [email protected] for immediate processing, please remember to email us the transaction transcript.

In case of renewal if we don’t get it in time we’ll not be able to renew your account on time, that may cause losing your domain & XeonBD/Xeon Software Limited will not responsible for it. So always renew your service at least 10 days prior to your expiry date.

For more details about this change, please visit our website




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